20 Sep 2011

Councillors and Parker meet over leadership style

7:40 am on 20 September 2011

A Christchurch City councillor says he has been effectively muzzled from talking about a meeting between councillors and mayor Bob Parker over his style of leadership.

The meeting on Monday was sparked by the resignation of councillor Chrissie Williams over what she says was a dysfunctional relationship between staff and councillors.

She also says Mr Parker had adopted a presidential style that has divided the council and led to in-fighting.

Another councillor, Glenn Livingstone, has also said those who agree with the mayor and the council are in an A team, while the others are excluded.

Mr Livingstone says he was taken to task at the meeting over those comments.

"The fact that I was climbed into is what I brought up, yet if I tell you I was climbed into, I'll be climbed into again for breaching confidence and potentially being a leaker."

Mr Parker says the core issue has been the leaking of confidential information following meetings.

"Obviously, I'm fairly disappointed that the outcome of that meeting is someone feels they then want to go and talk about the content of the meeting."

Another councillor, Yani Johanson, is urging the council to reinstate vital committees suspended following the September and February earthquakes.

Mr Johansson says he presented a 10-point plan at the closed door meeting, promoting free distribution of information to councillors and from the council to the public.