20 Sep 2011

Charges laid over fake pilot stunt

8:07 am on 20 September 2011

Three men have been charged after a bogus pilot tried to get into a restricted area at Auckland Airport.

Ben Boyce, Andrew Robinson and Bryce Casey are charged with breaching the Civil Aviation Act and face a penalty of 12 months' jail or a fine of up to $10,000.

The film producer, company director and broadcaster associated with the TV3 show Wannaben were spoke to by police and arrested on Monday.

The investigation began when a man dressed as an Air New Zealand pilot tried to get through a boarding gate at the domestic terminal on Saturday afternoon.

Staff turned him away because he could not show the correct identification.

The accused face charges of providing false information to airport staff. They have been granted bail until their next court appearance in October and must not go to the airport.

Mr Boyce, the programme's front man, on Monday issued an apology for their actions.

The incident has led the Aviation Security Service to boost security checks.

The Aviation Industry Association says this is a case where the courts should send a firm message.