22 Sep 2011

New measles alert as Auckland cases climb

7:47 am on 22 September 2011

Aucklanders are being urged to take extra precautions against measles as the number of cases continues to climb.

An extra seven cases were confirmed on Wednesday, in addition to an an extra 35 in the week to Tuesday.

It takes the total number of confirmed cases of measles in the region to 164 since late May.

Public health authorities say the outbreak is now affecting workplaces, tertiary institutes, early childhood centres and schools.

An extra seven people were in quarantine on Wednesday, bringing the total to 35 people in quarantine after being in contact with someon who has measles.

The Ministry of Health says adults as well as children are getting measles, and those who are not immunised should get it done quickly.

Air passengers may have been exposed

Passengers on Jetstar flight JQ 263 and on Air New Zealand flight 464 between Auckland and Wellington on 12 September; and Jetstar flight JQ 244 from Christchurch to Auckland on 18 September may have been exposed to measles.