26 Sep 2011

Stabbed store owner supports right to self-defence

4:34 pm on 26 September 2011

A liquor store owner who was stabbed while defending himself and his business says he supports a call by the ACT Party for the right to self-defence.

ACT leader Don Brash has outlined his party's policy on changing several sections of the Crimes Act.

He said the legislation should be amended to include a presumption of immunity from prosecution for people who use reasonable force to defend themselves or their property.

In 2009, South Auckland liquor store owner Virender Singh was stabbed while defending himself with a hockey stick against a group of teenage robbers.

Two Justices of the Peace ruled there was not enough evidence to send Mr Singh to trial.

He says Dr Brash's planned policy makes sense and would probably lead to crime statistics coming down.

The Law Society says it would oppose a potential bill granting a right to self defence.

Spokesperson Jonathon Krebbs says that would take away the ability for the courts to determine what is reasonable force.

He told Morning Report that self defence is already a commonly used defence in the courts.