27 Sep 2011

Auckland state housing stock to be upgraded

10:36 pm on 27 September 2011

The Government has outlined plans for more and better state housing in Auckland.

Housing New Zealand wants to build 1400 new houses over the next five years and intends to upgrade another 14,500 - almost half its entire stock in the city to meet demand.

It says in some cases, it will sub-divide existing properties and build more suitably-sized houses so existing land can be used more efficiently.

The plan includes a project that will mix state housing with other social housing providers and first-home buyers in a part of Tamaki.

Housing Minister Phil Heatley told Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint programme in that particular area, the density of state housing is too high, with one in two houses currently state-owned.

"We've been working very closely with the Auckland Council on this because they see the opportunities to develop housing in Tamaki as significant. (There's) too many quarter acre sections, too many old, cold state houses."

Mr Heatley says the improvements will make a real difference in some communities.