1 Oct 2011

Extradition may be used in Westpac millions arrest

8:19 am on 1 October 2011

A Chinese national arrested by Interpol in relation to the theft of more than $6 million from Westpac Bank will be extradited to New Zealand if he does not return voluntarily.

Hui Gao, 30, was stopped by Hong Kong border patrol officers as he was crossing from China and arrested by Interpol on a warrant relating to theft and money laundering charges.

Police allege he and his then partner Kara Hurring transferred $6,782,000 into other accounts in 2009, when Westpac Bank mistakenly put an overdraft facility of $10 million into one of their accounts.

Detective Inspector Mark Loper says police have been tracking Mr Hui's movements for some time and did know of his whereabouts before the arrest.

He says police will pursue extradition proceedings if he refuses to return to New Zealand voluntarily.

Mr Loper says about $3.8 million remains missing.