1 Oct 2011

Accused starts right-to-die organisation

2:09 pm on 1 October 2011

A pro-euthanasia campaigner says she supports a man accused of attempted murder who has started a right-to-die organisation in South Africa ahead of his trial.

New Zealand-born professor of forensic science Sean Davison, now working at a university in Cape Town, is accused of attempting to kill his seriously ill mother with morphine while on a visit to Dunedin.

She later died, but the charge against him is of attempted murder at a trial due to start in Dunedin this month.

While in South Africa on bail, he started a right-to-die organisation there and has the full support of a euthanasia campaigner in New Zealand, Lesley Martin.

Sean Davison's case is a rare one of a person on bail being allowed to live and work in another country.