2 Oct 2011

Amendments to road rules in effect from 1 October

5:50 am on 2 October 2011

A number of amendments to the road rules come into affect on 1 October, including priority for motorcycles, mopeds and bikes at certain traffic lights and new requirements for school crossings and school buses.

Riders of motorcycles, mopeds and bikes who are already able to use bus lanes will now to able to proceed on a traffic signal that allows buses to continue while holding back cars. The change is intended to improve traffic flow.

A new speed restriction of 20km/h comes into effect for drivers passing a stationary school bus that is picking up or dropping of children.

Speed and signage controls on school buses are also being changed to align them with other buses on the road and increase the numbers of buses and coaches available for hire by schools.

Drivers approaching a pedestrian crossing controlled by a school patrol will only be required to stop when the patrol sign is extended.

The rules are also tightened up on medical certificates from doctors who are permitted to exempt people from mandatory use of seat belts or child restraints.