6 Oct 2011

Whaling protests to continue - Sea Shepherd

11:58 am on 6 October 2011

An anti-whaling group says it will continue to protest in the Southern Ocean, despite Japan's pledge to keep whaling there, with military security, this summer.

Japan has said it will send a patrol vessel to protect crews when the whaling fleet heads south in November.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society spokesperson Jeff Hansen says the protesters will not fight violence with violence and will only be armed with cameras.

Mr Hansen told Morning Report he hopes the increased military forces used by the Japanese will expose the extreme lengths they will go to for whaling.

The Government is not ruling out sending naval vessels to protect anti-whaling protesters.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says the Government is waiting on further details from Japan before a decision om naval support can be made.

Labour Party leader Phil Goff says Japanese whalers are clearly spoiling for a fight with protestors, and incidents could be avoided if the Japan would simply stop whaling in the Southern Ocean.

He says he does not understand why they think it is necessary to continue since Japan has warehouses full of whale meat it cannot sell

Japan says its whaling programme is for scientific purposes.