7 Oct 2011

Coroner recommends snow tyre ban

10:19 am on 7 October 2011

A coroner has recommended banning snow tyres on cars following a fatal crash near Taumarunui last year.

William Paul was killed when the car he was in skidded out of control into the path of an oncoming van on State Highway 4 north of Taumarunui in August 2010.

In his findings, Coroner Tim Scott says the car was fitted with snow tyres, or winter tyres, which are not as effective as normal tyres in warm conditions, and probably caused the accident.

New rules came into effect in April last year which prohibit combining winter and ordinary tyres on the same vehicle and require a minimum tread depth of 4mm for winter tyres.

However Mr Scott has reiterated a call for the tyres, commonly found on Japanese imports, to be banned.

He said people would not recognise them or realise they are unsuitable for New Zealand conditions.