10 Oct 2011

Another case of meningococcal disease in Northland

6:40 pm on 10 October 2011

in Northland.

Another case of meningococcal disease has been confirmed

in Northland.

Health officials say a five-year-old child was admitted to Whangarei Hospital last Friday and is now in a stable condition on a ward. They say it is fortunate that the child's parents sought help immediately.

Ten people have been affected by meningococcal disease in Northland since July this year and three have died.

Health nurses have vaccinated 4000 students in high schools during the past two weeks.

From Monday, the free vaccine is available from GPs and community clinics.

Northland's Medical Officer of Health says many parents believe their child has already been vaccinated for meningococcal disease.

However, Clair Mills she says the Group C strain causing the Northland outbreak is not the same as the one for which children were vaccinated between 2004 and 2008.

Dr Mills says that Type B vaccine does not give protection against the current outbreak of Group C meningococcal disease.