12 Oct 2011

Measles vaccinations stepped up in Auckland region

11:33 pm on 12 October 2011

Health authorities in Auckland are stepping up vaccinations of children and adults as the number of confirmed cases of measles continues to rise.

There have been another 25 cases in the past week, bringing the total confirmed since late May to 228.

Auckland district health boards say it is vital that those born after 1 January 1969 check they are fully immunised and have the MMR vaccination if needed.

They say that includes all people under the age of 42 who are not immunised, unsure if they are, or have had only one rather than two doses of the vaccine.

Vaccination of children has also been brought forward, with the first dose at a year, not 15 months, and the second 28 days later, rather than at the age of four.

GP teams have also been asked to contact all children between four and 15 who have not had both doses to organise it.