15 Oct 2011

Rubbish fees will lead to dumping - residents

9:01 am on 15 October 2011

A residents' group in Auckland says a proposed user-pays scheme for non-recyclable waste will lead to rubbish being dumped in public places by people avoiding charges.

Auckland Council wants households across the city to have micro-chipped wheelie bins that can be scanned for billing and a new timetable for collections.

The normal weekly collection of non-recyclable waste will change to fortnightly, and a charge will be levied each time.

There will be free collections of organic waste every week, and recyclable waste every two weeks.

But the St Marys Bay Residents' Association says the current system paid for out of rates is working.

Spokesperson Tony Skelton says residents will dump their rubbish elsewhere to avoid paying.

"Where are people going to put their household rubbish other than in the collectable utility that they have been provided with to dispose of their household rubbish?

"They are going to dump it on the street, put it in the back of the car and throw it into the forest somewhere."

The council currently has seven different rubbish schemes. They are a legacy of the seven councils that formed the super city last year.