17 Oct 2011

SFO boss 'regrets' actions at staff gatherings

9:54 pm on 17 October 2011

The head of the Serious Fraud Office says he regrets his actions that led to an investigation by the State Services Commission.

Adam Feeley has been found to have made a lapse of judgement and taken an unnecessary risk in his handling of two staff social gatherings.

One of the incidents involved Timaru businessman Allan Hubbard who had been the subject of an SFO fraud inquiry but died in a car crash in September this year.

In May last year, Mr Feeley celebrated progress made by SFO staff in a case against Bridgecorp Finance by drinking the company's own champagne.

He also distributed copies of Mr Hubbard's biography as a booby prize at a staff Christmas function in December last year.

Mr Feeley says he acknowledges the appropriateness of the State Services Commission's findings. He admits the gifts of Mr Hubbard's biography could have been misinterpreted and regrets that this may have occurred.

State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie says he will be cautioning Mr Feeley about his behaviour, but will take no further action.

Police Minister Judith Collins says she has recieved a written apology from Mr Feeley over the matter.

Ms Collins says she was very disappointed with the events that led to the matter being referred to the State Services Commission and hopes the behaviour will not be repeated.

The minister has accepted Mr Feeley's apology.