1 Nov 2011

Deadline passes but protestors still in Octagon

9:12 pm on 1 November 2011

Dunedin police say they will not be rushed into enforcing a trespass order served on protesters in the Octagon by the city council.

About 25 protesters have been camping in the city's main public space for the past 18 days.

They council notice gave them until 8 pm on Tuesday evening to pack up and leave.

However, an hour after the deadline had passed the protestors were still in the Octagon and no on had arrived to move them on.

About 150 people rallied in Octagon on news of the eviction order to support the protestors.

Dunedin police area commander Greg Sparrow says the trespass notice is not a straightforward matter and requires careful consideration.

Inspector Sparrow says he won't be rushed into making any decision about what the police response will be and he will continue to work with the city council and the occupiers to come to the best outcome for both parties.

Earlier, Dunedin mayor Dave Cull said while he is sympathetic to the protest, those taking part have had ample time to make their point.

He said the notice had nothing to do with whether or not anyone agrees with the action but is about the right of the whole community to enjoy the facilities under the council's stewardship.