2 Nov 2011

First warning notices for illegal downloads

7:02 am on 2 November 2011

Internet users in New Zealand are about to get their first warning for illegally downloading music under new anti-piracy laws.

Internet provider Orcon has received six copyright infringement notices from rights holders following the introduction of new laws in September covering downloads of music, films and television.

It says five of the six alleged infringements were for customers downloading songs by artist Rihanna.

Orcon's chief executive Scott Bartlett says the notices will be passed on to their customers who can be fined $15,000 for a third offence.

He expects Tuesday's notices will be the first of many.

However, Internet New Zealand predicts people who receive warnings will simply swap providers so they can start again with a clean slate.

Chief executive Vikram Kumar says people will come up with creative ways to avoid the penalties and test the law.

Mr Kumar says by changing their internet provider, people are able to escape previous warnings.

He says the law is flawed and should be repealed.