7 Nov 2011

Long-range cameras catching drivers on their cellphones

4:10 pm on 7 November 2011

Long-lens cameras have been used by police to catch people using cellphones while driving.

The police carried out a 10-day blitz across the country ending on Friday to catch those flouting the two-year-old law.

More than 900 people a month were ticketed in August and September in normal policing conditions.

Some officers used powerful cameras to photograph unsuspecting motorists from hundreds of metres away.

Acting Road Policing Manager Inspector Rob Morgan says while it will be two weeks before ticket numbers from the blitz are known, but says feedback from officers suggest it will be high.

"They're telling us that there's a lot of offending out there and there's a general increase in people using cellphones while driving."

He says most people accepted that they had been caught but some came up with excuses they were just holding their phones.