11 Nov 2011

No value seen in suppressing names/charges

1:08 pm on 11 November 2011

The former safety manager at the Pike River Mine says there is no point in suppressing the names of people being charged over the mine disaster.

The Department of Labour has laid 25 charges against three parties under the Health and Safety Act over the explosions at the coal mine, in which 29 men died on 19 November last year.

Neville Rockhouse, whose son died in the explosion, says he has not been notified that he is being charged, so believes he won't be.

Because of the public interest in the disaster and the fact that charges were expected, he says people have a right to know the details.

Mr Rockhouse says he would like to see the suppression order lifted and for people to concentrate on getting the men's remains out of the mine.

While he was initially surprised by the number of charges, he says he feels they are appropriate.