16 Nov 2011

Bravery awards for 3 police officers

7:48 pm on 16 November 2011

Two policemen have been presented with bravery awards for rescuing fellow officers last year while under fire from an armed offender.

Constables Mike Wardle and former Constable Marty Stiles acted after two colleagues were wounded and a police dog killed in a routine check on a house in the Christchurch suburb of Linwood.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor, says Constable Stiles dragged one of the wounded officers to safety while Constable Wardle faced down the armed offender with a taser.

Constable Wardle also honoured the police dog, Gage, which was killed in the shooting, saying he was arguably the bravest of them all.

He said he had no doubt that when Gage jumped between the handler and the gunman, he definitely saved his handler's life.