19 Nov 2011

Occupiers refuse to leave Civic Square

8:30 am on 19 November 2011

Members of the Occupy Wellington group, who have been camping in Civic Square for the past month, have refused to give the city council a departure date as requested.

Dozens of protesters have been camping out in about 40 tents on a grassy patch near the city to sea bridge as part of a global protest against corporate greed.

The protesters say they cannot give the council a departure date because they don't have one.

One protester Alan Cooper says he won't leave until there is equality for all, and the abolition of the armed and police forces.

Wellington City Council says it it has been reasonable on allowing the protest, and thinks it is time the land was given back to the people of Wellington.

In Dunedin, protesters in the Octagon say they have yet to decide whether to comply with a council eviction notice.

Occupy Auckland protesters in Aotea Square this week rejected a council order to leave, saying they intend to fight the matter in court.