21 Nov 2011

Cyclist misjudged oncoming traffic - coroner

1:46 pm on 21 November 2011

A coroner in Christchurch has found that a cyclist who died after being struck by a car in May this year, misjudged the oncoming traffic as he cycled across State Highway One.

Eric Fergusson, 77, died from multiple injuries, including a fractured neck and upper spine, sustained while crossing State Highway One from Dickeys Road at Belfast on 30 May this year.

Coroner Christopher Devonport says Mr Fergusson either misjudged or did not see oncoming traffic, and collided with a Mercedes Benz.

He says the driver did not see him in time to brake.

Mr Devonport says a recent coronary bypass may have contributed to Mr Fergusson making an error of judgement.