22 Nov 2011

Quake buildings list could be kept private

12:13 pm on 22 November 2011

a list of 4300 buildings considered to be at risk of collapse during an earthquake.

Auckland Council will this week consider whether to publish

a list of buildings considered to be at risk during an earthquake.

A hearing panel of two councillors and a board member has made a recommendation, which will be put to the full council on Thursday.

The council estimates 4300 buildings in Auckland are likely to collapse or cause death or injury during an earthquake.

Councillor Penny Webster says the panel has requested that the list be kept private.

She says the panel considers the likelihood that information about at-risk buildings could be misconstrued, is significant.

Any large scale reporting on the matter needs to 'carefully guided' so there is no 'unreasonable' panic.

The panel also wants to stop any blacklisting of properties.