23 Nov 2011

Police detect 132,000 stop sign violations

9:34 am on 23 November 2011

Police figures show more than 130,000 tickets have been issued for stop sign violations since 2006.

Thousands of tickets were also written up in the same period for give way and roundabout breaches.

The figures show 132,387 tickets were handed out to drivers for not coming to a complete stop at stop signs.

There have also been 35,668 tickets issued for give way breaches since 2006 and 3807 for roundabout infringements.

More than one thousand of those tickets were for not indicating when leaving a roundabout.

Automobile Association senior policy analyst Mark Stockdale says the number of tickets issued for stop sign violations is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

He says the large number of infringements shows people are treating stop signs like give way signs and it is clear many people need to brush up on the road code.

National Road Policing Manager Superintendent Paula Rose says people are sometimes distracted and don't even realise there is a stop sign.

She says others are in locations where they think it's okay to take a bit of a risk.

"I just really need to reinforce that a stop sign is placed in a location where it's unsafe for someone to just cruise on through," she says.