30 Nov 2011

No parole for killers of Michael Choy

2:01 pm on 30 November 2011

Two killers of Auckland pizza delivery worker Michael Choy, have been denied parole.

Alexander Peihopa, who is now 25, and Whatarangi Rawiri, 27, are both serving life sentences in prison for the death of Mr Choy in 2001.

The Parole Board says it is too soon for Rawiri, who was a central part of the murder, to be released.

It says careful rehabilitation steps need to be taken before she is released.

The board says Alexander Peihopa is in the middle of rehabilitation programmes and they still need to see a psychological report on his risk.

Their bids for parole will be re-assessed in February.

Six teenagers, including one of New Zealand's youngest convicted killers Bailey Junior Kurariki, were jailed for the attack on Mr Choy.