30 Nov 2011

Protesters rally against liquor store licence

5:40 pm on 30 November 2011

Protesters have rallied in Porirua against the renewal of a liquor licence for a bottle store they say is making their neighborhood unsafe and dirty.

They want the Fantame Street liquor store in Cannons Creek gone or its hours reduced.

About two hundred people marched from central Porirua to the Porirua District Court holding banners against the licence renewal.

The Liquor Licensing Authority listened as about ten community members voiced their opposition.

Principal of nearby Russell School Sose Annandale says teachers are frightened of going to the school after dark or on the weekends because it is used as a hangout for liquor store customers.

She says people come onto the school grounds with alcohol when children are there as well and they often find broken glass in the school grounds.

She says the school would like the store to move its business into a "more appropriate zone".

The authority will give its decision in writing.