5 Dec 2011

Police defend investigation of Ginns

3:49 pm on 5 December 2011

Police are defending their decision not to pick up a man linked to a kidnapping of a woman before he went on to shoot another woman outside Tokoroa police station.

Matakapua Glassie, 36, was shot by Jamie David Ginns on Saturday.

He fled the scene and was found dead in a forest eight hours later.

Police say Ginns was a person of interest after the kidnapping and assault of a 20-year-old woman in the town on Friday.

Detective Inspector Tim Anderson says police did not have enough evidence to arrest Ginns on Friday.

Forensic testing was attempting to link him to that case when the shooting occurred.

He says Ginns did not come to the attention of police again until after the shooting on Saturday.

Mr Anderson, told Morning Report Ginns had a history of violent crime and was seen firing at least five shots at Miss Glassie.

She is in intensive care in Waikato hospital.

Witnesses say the first shots were fired while Ginns pursued her in a car chase on State Highway One.

South Waikato Mayor Neil Sinclair says the community is in complete and utter disbelief.

Protection order breached

Women's Refuge says a protection order had been taken out against Ginns by Ms Glassie, but it was breached.

Chief executive Heather Henare told Nine to Noon that the case raises serious alarm bells.

She said it appears Ms Glassie took all steps to protect herself against him.