9 Dec 2011

Council lacks guts to deal with prostitutes - councillor

6:14 am on 9 December 2011

A Christchurch City Councillor says his council has the ability, but not the guts, to stop prostitutes soliciting in suburban areas.

Some St Albans residents asked the council on Thursday for help to deal with prostitutes who have moved into their streets since the central city was cordoned off because of earthquake damage.

A group of residents told the council they have prostitutes lining their street, used condoms and syringes in their gardens and pimps parked up outside their homes.

Councillor Aaron Keown proposed enforcement of a bylaw which restricts trading in public places, but the proposal did not get any support from other councillors.

Mr Keown says the council does not have the guts to take on the issue, despite a large number of residents asking for help.

The council has agreed to meet with police and the Prostitutes Collective to try to move the sex workers to more commercial areas.

It will also support a bill currently before Parliament which would allow restrictions on prostitution in some areas.