12 Dec 2011

Queenstown kidnap accused make court appearance

3:46 pm on 12 December 2011

Five people have appeared in Queenstown District Court charged with various offences relating to a kidnapping in the resort two weeks ago.

Brodie O'Rourke, Charlotte Dickson, Jonathan Burke and Michael Coulter were remanded on bail to reappear in the court on 28 February.

One of the accused had their name suppressed for medical reasons.

Each of those charged is accused of either aggravated assault or detaining Jason Maynard after he was lured to a location on the outskirts of Queenstown and bundled into a car.

Mr Maynard alleges a meat cleaver and machete were held to his throat.

Another woman, Rachel Faul, was charged with similar offences last week and was initially held in custody but was later released on bail.

The accused will reappear in February for a post committal conference.