15 Dec 2011

Convicted murderer freed for fifth time

9:46 pm on 15 December 2011

A convicted murderer who has been recalled to prison for breaching his parole conditions five times will again be released from jail.

George Trounson was jailed in 1991 for fatally bashing Russell Neil - his teenage flatmate in Dunedin - with a broken balustrade.

The Parole Board says Trounson is an alcoholic and one of his parole conditions is that he cannot drink alcohol for life.

He was sent back to prison in July 2011 after an off-duty prison guard acting as a barman at a wedding saw him becoming visibly drunk.

Trounson also failed to tell the Probation Service in March that he had stopped taking medication to combat his alcohol abuse.

The board says Trounson accepts it is a small price to pay for living a law-abiding life in the community, and the only solution is for him to take the medication religiously.

It say it is satisfied that he can be released in December and that he will be given support by his family.