5 Jan 2012

Security guard brutally beaten with own torch

12:10 pm on 5 January 2012

A security guard brutally attacked in Thames was beaten with his own metal torch.

Police are investigating the incident which took place at the Thames Jockey Club on Tuesday night.

Mark Hoskins was patrolling the club grounds when he saw a group of five people inside the building.

The 49-year-old went to investigate and four of them ran away. He managed to grab one of them and the attacker began hitting him in the head and body with his own torch.

Mr Hoskins held on to the attacker who then gauged him in one eye, before he let go and the offender got away. He suffered severe eye injuries.

Police found a 22-year-old man hiding in a tree, but officers doubt he was the attacker. He has since appeared in court charged with burgulary.

Detective Sergeant Martyn Hughes says the man initially cooperated with the police investigation but has since refused to say anything further.

Mr Hughes says it is likely the attacker will have possible bruising to his face as the guard put up quite a struggle.

Mr Hoskins remains in a stable condition at Waikato Hospital on Thursday.