14 Jul 2008

Veitch report to be given to Cabinet Minister

8:57 am on 14 July 2008

A report on the way Television New Zealand handled a domestic violence incident involving presenter Tony Veitch is to be given to the Minister of Broadcasting on Monday.

Trevor Mallard asked for the report after it was revealed TVNZ and Mr Veitch's other employer, the Radio Network, knew about the assault last year.

TVNZ says four managers discussed the matter with the sports broadcaster last December, but chose not to discipline him or inform the chief executive, as the incident described was less severe than that reported in the media.

Mr Mallard says it is not a good look for the broadcaster.

He expects the report by TVNZ board chair Sir John Anderson, to detail who knew about the incident and when.

Assault admitted

Last week, Mr Veitch admitted he assaulted Kristin Dunne-Powell after an argument at their Auckland home in December 2006 and publicly apologised for his actions.

Mr Veitch said he and Ms Dunne-Powell had a confidentiality agreement, which included "payment for loss of income and distress I caused her."

Television New Zealand chief executive Rick Ellis said on Saturday that Mr Veitch sought advice from senior executives in December 2007 regarding the incident with Ms Dunne-Powell.

Mr Ellis said they were unaware of the details of the attack, but did know a bit later of a financial settlement.

On Friday, TVNZ announced that Mr Veitch would not present its coverage of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Police have begun a formal investigation into the incident.

Advertising hint

A company advertising on Mr Veitch's Radio Sport breakfast show is hinting it will pull its sponsorship if he is allowed back on air.

Vehicle Testing New Zealand says it will strongly consider cancelling its sponsorship of Mr Veitch's radio show if he returns.

The company's advertising contract is up for renewal at the end of the month.