9 Jan 2012

No problems on new flyover route

4:01 pm on 9 January 2012

No problems are reported on the new four lane Victoria Park flyover on State Highway 1 in Auckland. It is one of the biggest changes to the city's roads for half a century.

The flyover carries southbound traffic from the North Shore. It is expected to eliminate daily queues for commuters by doubling the capacity on one of the most heavily congested parts of the motorway network.

Traffic volume will be progressively higher during January as the holidays come to an end.

Earlier, Transport Agency acting highways manager Steve Mutton warned there could be teething problems.

He said drivers get need to make sure they are in the correct lane as early as possible, to avoid last minute lane changes or ending up in the wrong place.

Drivers won't be able to change lanes while crossing the flyover.

Lanes to the right of the central barrier continue onto the southern motorway, for destinations in south Auckland and beyond.

Lanes to the left of the barrier take drivers off State Highway 1 to the Auckland CBD, the port, or west onto the northwestern motorway.