10 Jan 2012

Security review after woman allegedly tried to take baby

3:06 pm on 10 January 2012

Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland is carrying out a full review of its security after a woman allegedly abducted a baby from its birthing centre.

Police say the woman, 24, took a two-day-old baby from the birthing unit last Wednesday and got as far as the hospital car park before being stopped.

They say the woman had told her partner she was pregnant and asked him to drop her at the hospital because she was due to go into labour.

Police say the woman roamed the baby unit before picking up a baby and fleeing out a back door where she was stopped by a nurse who called police.

The woman has been charged with abduction and will re-appear in court later in January.

Middlemore Hospital says its birthing ward is supposed to be locked down with only prescribed visiting hours.