13 Jan 2012

Labour decides against electoral challenge

11:13 pm on 13 January 2012

The Labour Party will not challenge the election result in the seats of Waitakere or Christchurch Central won by National Party candidates in two tightly contested races.

General secretary Chris Flatt says Labour has chosen not to seek an electoral petition and is satisfied with the result of the official recount.


Mr Flatt says an electoral petition is a long and complicated process that can typically cost $50,000 to $60,000.

National's Paula Bennett retained Waitakere by nine votes on a judicial recount, after losing the seat by 11 votes when official results were announced.

Nicky Wagner cemented her win in Christchurch Central for National after a recount of votes took her majority from 45 votes to 47.

Ms Wagner says a challenge by Labour would have been an undue distraction from all the work that needs to be done in the electorate.

She says the recount process is robust and Labour does have anything to challenge.

Chris Flatt says Labour is confident of winning both seats in the 2014 election.