13 Jan 2012

Wellington in scary airport listing

1:58 pm on 13 January 2012

Wellington Tourism is laughing off suggestions that landing at the city's airport is a white knuckle experience that gives the city a reputation for thrill tourism.

Wellington International Airport has made it into a list of the world's scariest airport landings by the Telegraph newspaper in Britain.

Many travellers have tales of landing in Wellington in a plane swaying in gale force winds, but Wellington Tourism marketing general manager Sarah Meikle says the airport is not dangerous.

"I'd probably point out that (the newspaper) says its a scary airport, it doesn't say its a dangerous airport.

"It just says at times it can be a little tricky for pilots."

Ms Meikle says she's had bumpy landings at Wellington - and at other places in New Zealand - but plenty of calm landings as well.

Other white knuckle airports named by the paper were in the Carribean, and thE Himalayas.