16 Jan 2012

Death threats force euthanasia campaigner to move

8:15 pm on 16 January 2012

Death threats have forced a man serving home detention for helping his terminally-ill mother to die to move to a secret location.

In the latest incident, a brick was thrown through the lounge window of the Dunedin house where euthanasia campaigner Sean Davison is staying.

Davison was sentenced to five months' home detention in October last year and was ordered to reside at his friend John Landreth's home.

Davison has received threatening letters and abusive comments have been left on his euthanasia blog site since a newspaper article last week highlighted his campaign.

He says he has to move for the home owner's safety.

The brick thrown through the window late on Friday had a note attached saying "Leave God's laws or be struck down dead".

Davison is working with police to move to a secret location and says his friend should not be exposed to any danger.