17 Jan 2012

Crack down on prostitutes in central city

1:02 pm on 17 January 2012

Police in Christchurch have cracked down on sex workers in the central city, after complaints about anti-social behaviour by some prostitutes and their associates.

On 9 December some residents complained at a Christchurch City Council meeting that not enough was being to control sex workers, who have been forced by the earthquakes out of the CBD and into residential streets.

In response, police arrested 14 people in the Manchester Street area over the weekend.

Inspector Al Stewart says most of the arrests were for people wanted on warrants, while a few were for behavioural and dishonesty matters. Not all were prostitutes.

He says that while the services being offered are legal, some of the behaviour by associates of the prostitutes, is not.

He says police will continue to monitor the area.