18 Jul 2008

DuPont payout complete for NZ families

6:50 pm on 18 July 2008

The American-based lawyer for New Zealand families who successfully fought the chemical giant DuPont for compensation says the final stages of the payout have been completed.

The two families are part of a small class action which claimed their children were born with birth defects after their own exposure to the DuPont chemical Benate.

Lawyer Robert Jacobs says the compensation was agreed and mostly paid out by DuPont 18 months ago, although the details of payment into trusts for the affected children under 18 is just now being completed.

Mr Jacobs says the New Zealand families involved were relieved to have reached the end of the protracted case, which took 12 years to settle.

The payout amounts are confidential and the New Zealand families do not want to make any comment.

Despite settling the case, DuPont maintains the chemical involved is not harmful to humans