24 Jul 2008

Sword victim says accused had mood swings

12:33 pm on 24 July 2008

A woman whose hand was severed in an attack with a samurai sword has described the accused as a hyperactive man who could swing from being witty and charming to paranoid and obsessive.

Simonne Butler began her evidence on Thursday in the trial of Antonie Dixon, 40. He is accused of murdering James Te Aute and for seriously injuring two women with a samurai sword in Auckland in 2003.

Ms Butler, who first met the accused in 1997, told the court that Mr Dixon was an extremely needy, hyperactive person who would "snap between low and high moods" - from being witty and charming to paranoid and obsessive.

She says she was initially sucked in by Mr Dixon, but his behaviour became increasingly bizarre.

Ms Butler says Mr Dixon attacked her with the sword because he thought she had been sleeping with policemen. She told the court the attack in 2003 was a blur, but remembered realising that her hand had been cut off and seeing her friend in a pool of blood

Ms Butler testified Mr Dixon used to say he was a "chosen one" and would rule the earth. She said she used to see the accused try to dig out electronic bugs he thought were under his skin.

Ms Butler said Mr Dixon used to talk about being the devil's son, but only started talking about any religious direction when he tried to kill her. She said he told her she was a sacrifice.

She testified that, on the night of the attack, he was swinging the sword wildly and screaming as he sliced at her.