28 Jul 2008

Kurariki jail recall 'overreaction' say supporters

6:03 am on 28 July 2008

A group that has been supporting Bailey Junior Kurariki during his parole says police overreacted when he was being recalled to jail.

Kurariki was 12 years old when he took part in the fatal assault of Michael Choy in 2001 and when convicted of manslaughter became the country's youngest killer.

He was released in May on 24-hour electronic monitoring, but the Department of Corrections has confirmed it has made an application to recall him to prison for breaching one of his parole conditions.

The department says that as the matter is still before the Parole Board, it will make no further comment.

Rethinking Crime and Punishment director Kim Workman says it appears Kurariki is suspected of using cannabis.

Mr Workman says the teenager's family was puzzled that up to 40 police officers arrived at their house to take him into custody. He says Kurariki will take the consequences if he is guilty.

The mother of Michael Choy says authorities did not tell her they had recalled one of his killers to jail.

Rita Croskery says she says she found out about Kurariki's recall through the media, and says the department should tell victims when the offender's situation changes.

Mrs Croskery says she never believed Kurariki was mature enough to be released, and that he got out of jail by behaving well for his final few months of imprisonment.