30 Jul 2008

Telecom to boost offshore call centre personnel

1:41 pm on 30 July 2008

Telecom is boosting its workforce overseas.

New Zealand's largest telecommunications company has told employees it is adding 100 workers to the 450 positions already at a call centre in the Philippines capital Manila.

The addition will be done on a four month trial basis and reassessed afterwards.

The company says none of the 1400 personnel at call centres in New Zealand face redundancy.

However, the final mix of domestic and foreign call centre personnel will be assessed after the trial.

Telecom says numbers in New Zealand might end up lower but might not: it is too early to tell.

Telecom says the later time zone in Manila make it easier to deal with after-hours inquiries from within New Zealand.

The company also says overseas call centres are generally useful for dealing with universal inquries such as the workings of computer software.