1 Aug 2008

Torbay residents wait

7:14 am on 1 August 2008

Residents evacuated on Wednesday in Torbay on the North Shore of Auckland will find out on Friday afternoon when they will be allowed to return home.

Cordons were put in place at Lingham Crescent after a slip - estimated as being up to 5000 square-metres - was found.

Further assessments are due on Friday. So far three of the 14 houses are known to be damaged. The slip moved 700mm on Wednesday.

Water utilities and electricity have been shut off and the North Shore City Council says it will work with other authorities on recovery actions once the site is stabilised.

Engineers are trying to stabilise the slip by drilling 45m into it to drain water.

Civil Defence Minister Rick Barker visited the site on Thursday. He said "everything" would be done to make sure the welfare needs of evacuated residents were taken care of.

A unit in Glenfield was voluntarily evacuated on Thursday after another slip was found.