3 Aug 2008

More Torbay residents allowed back home after slip

2:12 pm on 3 August 2008

Twelve of the 15 homes threatened by a slip in the Auckland suburb of Torbay have been deemed safe enough for residents to return.

The houses in Lingham Crescent were deemed unsafe on Wednesday, because of a slip that came down during the severe weather which hit much of country.

On Friday, residents from 10 properties were given the all-clear to return to their houses.

Two more houses have since been found to be safe enough for residents to return.

One house is to be demolished, while residents from two other houses have been advised to stay away until work on the slip has finished.

Engineers have been working to stabilise the slip, and on Friday evening pumping water at the rate of five litres a minute.

Blair Harkness from North Shore City Council says the work done to keep water out of the slip has been successful.


North Shore City Council says residents evacuated on Thursday from two units in Mulberry Place in Glenfield may have to wait up to a month before being allowed back.

Mulberry Place has been closed to all but residents' cars, because of fears that sightseers could worsen the situation.

Residents reported more than 100 cars went down street on Saturday to look at the slip.

Glenfield community board deputy chairman, David Thornton, says constant traffic on the damaged road could accelerate the deterioration of an already potentially dangerous situation.

In Waitakere, people have returned to the four Birdwood Road houses that were evacuated on Thursday. Waitakere City Council says the slip face was about 50m across and 40m deep.