29 Feb 2012

Man who killed estranged wife granted parole

6:08 am on 29 February 2012

Parole has been granted to a man who kidnapped, drugged and killed his estranged wife and tried to do the same to her best friend in Taranaki in 1995.

Mark Goodwin was jailed in 1996 after kidnapping, drugging and killing his estranged wife, Niki Goodwin.

He attempted to kill her friend, Barbara Bishop, who was put in a car which was pushed off a 25-metre clifftop.

She survived the ordeal and recently had a restorative justice meeting with Goodwin.

The Parole Board says Goodwin can be released based on good behaviour, stable employment and support networks.

It is understood he will leave prison on Wednesday.

Niki Goodwin's father, Richie Guy, says her family would like Goodwin to remain in jail but accepts that he will be released at some point.

Mr Guy says Goodwin will never be properly free.

"There will always be restrictions on what he can do. That won't be easy for him but I don't feel sorry for him."

On his release Goodwin will be placed on an overnight curfew and must undergo domestic violence counselling.