30 Sep 2008

Samoa's car rental companies not making any effort yet to get right hand drive cars

4:26 pm on 30 September 2008

Samoa's Rental Car Association says members aren't getting ready for the controversial driving switch.

Samoa is to formally switch to driving on the left hand side next year, and the importation of right hand drive cars has already been given the nod.

In preparation, the country's Transport Control Board has now called for all drivers in the country to participate in driver training using their own vehicles.

But the association's president Roy Lee says their members are waiting to see if the change goes ahead.

"We basically haven't done anything to that effect as far as the association is concerned. We are still currently using our current fleets, as you can appreciate we're still driving on the right hand side of the road using a left-hand vehicle. We won't do anything until maybe getting pretty close to the date and see how that's gonna really have an impact into our business."

Roy Lee says fears remain among members over the safety of tourist clients.