6 Aug 2009

Temaru claims support for French Polynesia becoming full Forum member

12:47 pm on 6 August 2009

French Polynesia's President, Oscar Temaru, says other Pacific Islands Forum leaders have offered support to his country becoming a full member of the regional grouping.

French Polynesia is an associate member of the Forum, and Mr Temaru wanted to be admitted to today's leaders retreat, and had sought France's help to lobby the organisation.

He says French Polynesia has a lot to share with the region and many of the same challenges to face up to.

"There are some leaders of Pacific countries that will support the idea of French Polynesia being a full member of the forum organisation. The on from the Cook Islands and another from Niue. That's good."

Oscar Temaru says it would be easier to work effectively within the region as a full member of the Forum.