18 Mar 2014

Concern in Niue over shutting out faction of media

7:28 pm on 18 March 2014

An opposition MP says the Niue government's decision to stop talking to a faction of the media is a concern, especially leading up to next month's elections.

The secretary to the government Richard Hipa has told Radio New Zealand International, it won't answer anymore questions about the approval of a grant to the son of an MP, or on any other matter until further notice.

Mr Hipa says they believe the recent tone of stories run by R-N-Z-I may be damaging to the government and distortion of the facts.

But the opposition MP Terry Coe says if the government disagrees with information run in the media they should be big enough to counteract that.

"Speak up on it but to say nothing and we're not going to talk to you anymore I think is totally wrong and I think that's happened in the Assembly it's the same, people are not willing to speak up and stick up for the government of the day."

Terry Coe.

The secretary to the government didn't give specific examples when asked to elaborate on stories they were unhappy with.