5 Nov 2012

Clues to be sought for re-entry plan

9:00 am on 5 November 2012

Mine safety experts will be studying the Royal Commission report on the Pike River disaster to see if a re-entry plan can be established.

The report is due to be issued ion Monday afternoon.

The families of the 29 dead men inside have drafted a plan to re-enter the coal mine and hope to get the backing of David Feickert of New Zealand and two British mining experts before it is presented to Solid Energy, the owners of the mine.

Mr Feickert says there are many things to consider and he will be looking to the report to see what sort of recommendations are made with regard to how and where a second exit to the mine might be established.

Anna Osborne, the widow of the miner and District Councillor Milton Osborne, said the families are prepared to accept whatever their own specialists say, even if they decid the mine is too unsafe to re-enter.