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Key downplays caucus divisions

The Prime Minister is downplaying any divisions within the National Party caucus over the health and safety law reforms, that have now been delayed for at least two months. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

Organised Crime Bill passes second reading

Legislation targeting bribery and corruption has passed its second reading in Parliament tonight.

Debate continues over NZ troops in Iraq

If Iraq doesn't have the will to defend itself, it's not worth a single New Zealander's life to try to train its soldiers, New Zealand First MP Ron Mark says. (AUDIO)

Health and Safety bill delayed

Workplace Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse says proposed changes to health and safety laws have been delayed due to resistance within the National Party caucus.

Govt rejects claim of 'unsuitable' housing land

The Housing Minister is defending plans to free up Crown land in Auckland to build new homes amid claims most of the sites are totally unsuitable. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

Govt denies breaking pre-election promises

The Government has rejected accusations it has broken pre-election promises by introducing new taxes in the Budget. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

PM dismisses fears about NZ troops in Iraq

Prime Minister John Key has dismissed fears New Zealand troops in Iraq might face greater dangers now Islamic State forces are in control of Ramadi. (AUDIO)

Changes to notifying victims of crime

A person who came across the man who tried to kill him ten years earlier supports the Government enforcing changes to how victims are told of their attacker's release.

Little commits to non-means tested super at 65

Labour Party leader Andrew Little says his party has no intention of introducing means-testing for superannuation. (AUDIO, COMMENTS)

Govt urged to get closer to Indonesia

The Government is being encouraged to boost security ties with Indonesia as it puts together its latest defence strategy. (AUDIO)

Labour alleges Govt using unsuitable land

The Labour Party is accusing the Government of planning to build new homes on Crown land that is unsuitable, including an area with a sub-station.

Caution urged on foreign fighter law change

Labour says any changes to laws surrounding foreign fighters' citizenship must be considered very carefully.

ACT rejects idea of recruiting Williamson

The ACT Party says it rejected an approach from its former leader Don Brash to have the National MP Maurice Williamson join the party. (AUDIO)

Tougher approach to foreign fighters signalled

The Prime Minister is signalling the Government might toughen its approach to foreign fighters as part of its review of the country's spy laws. (AUDIO)

Concern Korean FTA will prevent housing restrictions

The Labour Party says the new Korean Free Trade Agreement may prevent future governments from taxing or restricting residential property sales to foreigners.

Gen Y worried about cuts to kickstart

The government's decision to cut the $1000 kickstart from KiwiSaver has been met with dismay by some young people, worried about funding their retirement. (COMMENTS)

NZ could not stop dual citizen's return - Key

New Zealand could not stop a woman who travelled to Syria last year, apparently on a humanitarian mission, from coming into the country, Prime Minister John Key says. (AUDIO)

PM defends scrapping of KiwiSaver kickstart

Prime Minister John Key believes people will still join KiwiSaver despite the $1000 kickstart being scrapped in last week's budget.

KiwiSaver cuts 'stealing from future generations'

The Government has come under fire from opposition parties for its decision to scrap the $1000 KiwiSaver kickstart payment. (COMMENTS)

$25m for scientific research institutes

The Government's putting up $25 million over the next three years to launch new scientific research institutes.

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