2 Sep 2012

More research wanted into ways to reduce smoking

7:58 am on 2 September 2012

A Parliamentary select committee wants more research on potential tobacco control measures.

The Finance and Expenditure Committee has been considering a bill that raises the excise on tobacco over the next few years as a way of discouraging smoking.

The committee says the Government should monitor whether the proposed annual rises of 10 percent in excise until 2016 should be extended if the goal of being smokefree by 2025 is in doubt.

It also wants research done on whether electronic cigarettes, containing nicotine without smoke, should be made more readily available.

A special licence is needed for them to be sold in New Zealand, but they can be imported for personal use.

The committee also wants a review of the sale of duty-free cigarettes.

Currently a visitor to this country can bring in up to 200 cigarettes without paying duty or GST.